Unoccupied Properties

Covering you if you need to leave your property empty for longer than your standard home insurance policy covers you for.

Our home insurance gives you the peace of mind you deserve. From the bricks to your valuables, we’ll have you covered.

What Is Unoccupied Property Insurance?

Perhaps you are going travelling, you’ve bought a new house but are not ready to move in, or perhaps you’ve inherited a property. This cover will protect your property should you need to leave it vacant for longer than a standard home insurance policy would allow.

Generally, you will need to ensure you have extra cover if your property will be empty for more than 30-60 days. However, policies do vary so it’s important that you check your existing policy terms. With insurance for an unoccupied property, you can leave your home empty for longer periods.

An unoccupied property is often deemed as a greater risk. For example, if a leak was to develop and nobody was there to notice it, the damage could be far greater. Often, unoccupied properties are unfortunately a target for break-ins too.

It is important to note that if you leave your home unoccupied for longer than your standard home insurance policy allows, it is likely that your policy will be deemed as invalid and therefore any claim that you attempt to make will be rejected.

What Is Considered as an Unoccupied Property?

If you don’t notify your insurer that your property is unoccupied, your existing insurance may be invalid.

Your property will be considered unoccpied if:

  • EYou are going on an extended holiday for longer than your existing insurance policy would cover you for
  • EYou are taking a sabbatical to travel the world or work/volunteer abroad
  • EYou're moving out whilst renovation works take place
  • EYou have purchased a new house but are not ready to move into it yet
  • EYou have inherited a property but you are unsure what to do with it or perhaps you are waiting for probate
  • EYou have a second home or holiday home that you only use for part of the year

Our in-house claims department

Here at A-One, we benefit from an in-house claims department. This means that should you need to make a claim on your policy, you will be appointed a dedicated claims handler to manage your claim from start to finish. Our handlers will bridge the gap between you, our client and your insurer and will work to achieve the best possible outcome on your behalf. 

This means you’ll have one point of contact to manage your claim from start to finish.

What Does Unoccupied Property Insurance Cover?

Cover can be tailored to meet your needs. Generally, cover can include protection against:

  • NFlooding
  • NStorm damage
  • NTheft/Attempted Theft
  • NBurst Pipes
  • NVandalism
  • NFire

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does my standard policy cover my unoccupied property for?

Generally, standard home insurance covers a property to be unoccupied for 30 days. In some case, insurers offer up to 60 days. However, it is important that you check your existing policy wording or, get in touch with a member of our team today and we can advise you: 0333 222 1030.

Is there a difference between a vacant and unoccupied property?

Yes, an unoccupied property means that nobody is living in the property but all furnishings are still in place. Perhaps the owner has gone travelling or away for a longer period of time.

A vacant property describes a property that is not being lived in and is empty of any contents and personal property.

We can provide cover for both scenarios, simply give our team a call and we can guide you through the options to suit your needs: 0333 222 1030.

How can I insure unoccupied property?

The quickest and easiest way to insure your unoccupied property is to give our team a call on 0333 222 1030 where one of our experts will be on hand to help you.

Is there a fee for making changes to my policy?

Yes, a small fee will be applied when we carry out a Mid Term Adjustment (MTA) for you on your policy.

Is there a discount for extra security measures?

Adding extra security measures to your property is always beneficial and could help improve policy premiums. Give our team a call on 0333 222 1030 where one of our experts will be on hand to help you.