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From private health insurance to critical illness cover.

Our Health & Protection Policies

There are times in all our lives when above all else, we just want to know we’ll be taken care of. Private medical insurance is our way of helping to make that happen.

Here at A-One, we have a multitude of policy options from basic personal insurance to family plans, business cover, extensive staff protection plans and overseas cover. Our dedicated healthcare insurance specialists play a crucial role in ensuring you have the cover you need, when you need it.

We know it can be a really difficult topic to talk about, but our experts are here for you and will make it as easy as possible.

Personal or Private Cover?

Personal Health Insurance

Personal Health Insurance

Knowing that your health insurance cover will take care of you and your family is perhaps the ultimate peace of mind. Our personal protection policies cover you for the cost of surgery, specialist medical consultations, accommodation and nursing in a hospital or medical facility of your choice.

Your health matters to you, but also to us. Our highly trained experts in the healthcare division are dedicated to finding the cover that best suits your needs.

The healthcare products are allied to industry-leading policies in life insurance, dental cover, cash plans, income and business protection, critical illness and redundancy cover that form the foundation of many of our clients’ insurance portfolios.

Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance

Our healthcare experts specialise in designing cost effective private health schemes, that will provide your employees with immediate access to diagnosis and prompt medical treatment.

In today’s highly competitive employment market, the more progressive you can be in constructing an attractive employee benefits package, the more able your business will be to attract and retain the best candidates.

The healthier your employees are, the healthier your business will be so it pays to take care of their health as well as your own. In all likelihood your business relies on a core of key personnel, but what happens if a senior executive or a project manager, or someone in a specialist role becomes seriously ill, or worse?

Your business finances need to be covered in all eventualities. Whether you’re seeking precise limited protection, or full medical cover, our healthcare specialists can provide a policy that suits your needs and the demands of your business.

Health & Protection Policy Types

Your policy will be tailored to your needs. Some covers will be included as standard, others are optional. Here are a few of the insurance covers that we will look at for you, to ensure you are fully covered and risks are minimised.

Life Insurance

Generally, a life insurance policy is designed to protect your loved ones financially if the worst were to happen or you get ill. Your family will receive a lump sum to help cover costs such as funeral expenses, debts or household bills. 

Group Private Medical Insurance

This is healthcare for your employees, to offer protection and care for them in the event of illness. Ensuring the health of your staff should be a key part of your business. Let’s face it, without healthy, hard-working staff you won’t have a healthy business.

Keyman Protection Insurance

Also referred to as key person cover. Losing a key person could have a real detrimental effect on your business. With Keyman Insurance, you’ll receive a payout to help protect your business and ensure it continues to run.

Shareholder Protection Insurance

Shareholder protection means that if a shareholder dies, the remaining shareholders will receive a lump sum from the insurance company, allowing them to purchase their share of the business. It offers protection to all involved.

Income Protection Insurance

Income protection will give you a monthly tax-free income if you become ill or injured, making you unable to work. The payout will continue until you are in a position to return to work. Giving you financial support for bills, childcare and general living costs.

Critical Illness Insurance

Sometimes referred to as serious illness cover. Our policies will ensure you and your loved ones are protected if you become ill. You’ll receive a lump sum meaning expenses and monthly outgoings are covered, taking financial pressure of whilst you recover.

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The knowledge Alex has is second to none. He assisted me in selecting the right life insurance policy to suit my needs. Combined with Cindy’s efficiency and attention to detail, they’re a great team and I can’t thank them enough. I’ll be moving the rest of my insurance policies over to A-One when they’re due for renewal without a doubt.

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Health & Protection Frequently Asked Questions

How long does life insurance last?
This is down to your own personal situation. Some of our clients take out life insurance to cover their mortgage term, other clients take out policies to cover them for as long as their children are dependent on them financially. It’s really up to you and something that our protection team will be able to help you with. Give them a call on 0333 222 1163, they’re a friendly bunch!
How much does life insurance cost?

Life insurance policy costs vary depending on the level of cover you require, your age, and other factors such as your health history. Our experts will talk through all the various options with you, give our team a call today on 0333 222 1163.