Business Insurance

We know each business is different. That’s why we offer bespoke business insurance policies to meet your needs.

Our Business Insurance Policies

We understand that while one type of insurance setup works for one business, it may not work for another. That’s why we carefully train our staff to identify and understand your unique challenges. With a focus on brand protection, as well as property and liability concerns, we will offer complete business insurance solutions to safeguard against loss of trade or hindrances to achieving your business ambitions. Rest assured, we’ll ensure you have complete peace of mind and protection against the risks you’ll be facing.

We do not sell a ‘one-size-fits-all’ policy, you can buy that online without advice and someone warning you of the conditions you must adhere to. That is simply not who we are.

Business Insurance Policy Types

Your policy will be tailored to your needs. Some covers will be included as standard, while others are optional. Here are a few of the insurance covers that we will look at for you, ensuring that you and your business are fully covered and risks are minimised. This allows you to focus on what you do best.

Public Liability Insurance

Designed to protect your business against damage and injury claims from those that visit your business and also those you visit.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

There to protect you and your business from compensation payments and legal costs in the event of a client claiming against you for advice you’ve given.

Employers' Liability Insurance

Protection against work-related injury and illness claims from your employees. In most cases this is a legal requirement if you have people working for you.

Directors & Officers Insurance

Here to protect your directors or officers against legal costs that can arise from wrongful acts of their roles in the business.

Business Interruption Insurance

Designed to offer cover for losses to your business following an incident. This could include loss of revenue or unplanned expenses.

Cyber Insurance

These policies will provide cover for any losses as a result of cyber attacks and data breaches, through criminal hacks or genuine employee error.

Business Types & Sectors

Our range of business insurance solutions caters to diverse industries, from sole traders to large enterprises. Regardless of your company’s size, every business receives equal attention and care from our team, ensuring full protection against potential risks.

  • NSole Traders
  • NSelf Employed
  • NPartnerships
  • NLimited Companies
  • NMicro Businesses
  • NFreelancers & Consultants
  • NCharities
  • NSocial Enterprises

Agricultural & Farming

Customised insurance shields diverse farms in a thriving agricultural sector, crafted to meet unique needs and ensure comprehensive protection.


From commercial van insurance to full fleet insurance, we will protect you out on the road whilst you focus on what you do best.

Heritage Sites

Archaeologists, museums and heritage sites require specific insurance. Our dedicated team will ensure you have are covered.

Manufacturing & Wholesale

Cover for stock, staff and equipment. Our manufacturing and wholesale insurance packages are designed to protect.


Designed to protect businesses within a diverse, expanding sector. Policies tailored to your needs.

Charity & Community

Our charity insurance is designed to cover the risks facing charities, community groups and not for profit organisations.

Hospitality & Leisure

For hotels, pubs, or cafes, we arrange insurance ensuring you and your business are protected. Explore coverage options now.

Marine Trades

Our commercial marine insurance covers all from marina’s and boatyard to sole traders offering repairs and protection to run your marine business.

Professional Services

Often your job involves giving advice. Our professional indemnity insurance is there to protect you in case of any mishaps.


Our commercial transport insurance policies cover everything from single trucks to haulage HGV fleets.


Comprehensive defense for your construction business amid a landscape filled with diverse and potential risks and challenges.


Experience comprehensive protection against industry challenges through our custom laundry insurance policies. Tailored cover to suit you.

Motor Trades

Covering businesses dealing with customer vehicles, from service providers to vehicle sales, ensuring comprehensive protection for all your needs.

Shops & Surgeries

From public liability insurance to cover for stock and contents. Our insurance policies will ensure you’re protected.
A-One In-house claims shield

Our in-house claims department

Here at A-One, we benefit from an in-house claims department. This means that should you need to make a claim on your policy, you will be appointed a dedicated claims handler to manage your claim from start to finish. Our handlers will bridge the gap between you and your insurer. Working to achieve the best possible outcome on your behalf.

This means you'll have one point of contact to manage your claim from start to finish.

What are the Benefits of Business Insurance?

Financial Protection

Commercial insurance helps protect the financial health of a business, by covering unexpected and potentially significant costs associated with property damage, legal liabilities, and other risks.

Business Continuity

Income Protection: Business interruption insurance helps cover lost income and extra expenses in the event that a covered peril disrupts normal business operations.

Supply Chain Protection: Commercial insurance can also provide coverage for losses incurred due to disruptions in the supply chain, ensuring continuity of operations.

Legal Compliance

In many jurisdictions, certain types of commercial insurance, such as workers’ compensation and liability coverage may be legally required. Compliance with these regulations helps avoid legal issues and penalties.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that the business is protected against various risks, provides peace of mind for business owners and stakeholders, allowing them to focus on day-to-day operations and growth.

Risk Management

Property Protection: Commercial property insurance covers damage or loss of physical assets such as buildings, equipment, and inventory due to events like fire, theft, or natural disasters.

Liability Coverage: Business liability insurance protects against legal claims arising from injuries, property damage, or other liabilities associated with the business operations.


Many business contracts require proof of insurance. Having commercial insurance can help businesses meet these contractual obligations and build trust with clients, partners and anyone with an interest in your business.

    Fundamentally it is our job to make sure we identify the risks you face, not over insuring you and saving yourself from being underinsured. We want what’s right for you – that’s why we’re here.

    Insuring you is just the start of our journey together. Business is fluid, therefore we will agree a strategy for regular visits, zoom or telephone calls, to keep on top of the changes that may affect how your policy. It’s important to keep everything up to date to keep it relevant and functioning as it should. Commercial insurance can be complex, but we alleviate the stress and will guide you along the way.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need business insurance?

    If you are a business owner, then yes. Business insurance is there to give protection from day-to-day operational risks. Cover will include protection when working with clients, customers and employees, protection of your business premise and further cover such as cyber security.

    How much does business insurance cost?

    This all depends on the type of business you run and your policy requirements. Commercial cover is complex, which is why we’re here to advise you on only what you need. We will always make sure you have the right cover in place based on the information you give us.