Tenants Insurance

Protection for you and your belongings if you are renting a property. It’s contents insurance for tenants.

Tenants insurance can protect your own posessions and cover yourself if you accidentally damage your landlords items.

What Is Tenants Insurance?

Tenants insurance, also known as Renters Insurance is an insurance designed for tenants who are renting a property. It is protection for all of your prized possessions, whether they are inside the property or within the outbuildings that you rent as part of your monthly agreement, things like sheds and garages. Think of it as contents insurance for tenants. 

If you are renting a property that is already furnished, we can also offer protection for accidental damage to your landlords items within the property, that you may be responsible for.

Protection for your prized posessions like jewellery, gadgets, artwork and much more.

It’s full contents insurance for tenants.

What Does Tenants Insurance Cover?

We can tailor cover to each individual, depending on the requirements. Generally, cover can include protection against:

  • NTheft: If your home is broken into and possessions are stolen.
  • NBurst pipes & leaks: claim for the cost of your possessions if they are damaged.
  • NFlooding: Covers the value of your belongings if they are damaged in a flood.
  • NStorm & weather damage: To recover the cost of contents damaged in a storm.
  • NTenants liability cover: Protects against accidental damage to your landlords property, fixtures and fittings.

Our in-house claims department

Here at A-One, we benefit from an in-house claims department. This means that should you need to make a claim on your policy, you will be appointed a dedicated claims handler to manage your claim from start to finish. Our handlers will bridge the gap between you, our client and your insurer and will work to achieve the best possible outcome on your behalf. 

This means you’ll have one point of contact to manage your claim from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a student, can I get contents insurance?

Yes, absolutley. However, it is also worth checking if your possessions are covered by your parents home insurance policy.

Is tenants insurance the same as contents insurance?

Ultimately, yes. However, the difference is that Tenants insurance has the ability to include tenants liability cover. Think of it as contents insurance for tenants.

My landlord already has insurance, do I still need my own?

Landlords often have their own insurance on the rental property but it will usually only be for their own contents such as furniture and carpets. It is unlikely to provide cover for your own personal possessions. That's why we recommend tenants insurance. Not only does it protect your own possessions but it can also protect you against any accidental damage to your landlords property.

Is there a fee for making changes to my policy?

Yes, a small fee will be applied when we carry out a Mid Term Adjustment (MTA) for you on your policy.