Protecting against high value vehicle thefts
Wednesday 10th May 2023
We’ve seen an increase in vehicle thefts, especially those of a high value and around London. Here are a few ways to help mitigate the risk of theft.

Vehicle Tracker

Trackers are a key piece of equipment. Make sure that they are fully working and kept up to date.


Investing in an aftermarket, high security immobiliser can disable the vehicle from being moved even if the key has been cloned.


Consider keeping your keys in a Faraday pouch. This will help prevent the signal being relayed and cloned.

Secure Garage

Store your vehicle in a secure location, whether that’s in a garage or behind gates. Even if you just pop back for something.
These are just a few options for increasing security. To discuss your vehicle security further, get in touch with our personal lines team on 0333 222 1154.