Pipe Protection
Monday 20th February 2023

“Thicker loft insulation means a warmer home, but it can also cause pipes to freeze if they too are not insulated correctly.”

Don’t let your pipes freeze

Frozen pipes can burst and cause significant damage to your home and belongings. There has also been an increase in pipes freezing in loft spaces due to better insulation of the loft itself. While insulation keeps your house warmer, it can cause your loft to become a lot colder – causing pipes to freeze and even burst. There are measures you can take to prevent your pipes freezing, meaning you can avoid problems before they occur…

What can I do to prevent frozen pipes?

Directly insulate any exposed pipes, especially those in cold areas of the house or outdoors. If your boiler has a frost protection setting, leave this on to stop water in the pipes from freezing. A smart thermostat can also be used to manage water temperature. If you have pipes in or behind your cupboards or in enclosed spaces, open the doors to allow warm air to circulate. Remaining mindful of energy costs in the current cost of living crisis, consider keeping your heating on consistently at a low temperature warm enough to prevent pipes from freezing.

What can I do if I suspect a frozen pipe?

If you do think a pipe has frozen, don’t panic. There are ways you can safely defrost the pipe to prevent a burst. It is essential to turn off the stopcock to pause water flow. Only turn this back on when you are sure the pipe is not damaged. You can gently heat the pipe using a hot damp cloth or an old hot water bottle. A portable electric heater will also do the trick – but be careful not to leave this unattended. Never attempt to heat the pipe using a naked flame, as this could cause serious damage to the pipe or start a fire in the home.

What should I do if a pipe bursts?

If you think a pipe has burst, turn off the stopcock to pause water flow. If there is water leaking near electrical points, turn off the electricity at the fuse box. If you have emergency coverage, get in touch straight away. If you aren’t covered, call a qualified plumber. If you need to make a claim, simply call our claims team on 0333 222 1168 and one of our dedicated handlers will be on hand to help you. You can also submit a claim via our claims app which is available 24/7: https://www.aoig.co.uk/a-one-claims-app/. Alternatively for out of hours support please refer to your policy wording.
Our claims team are here for you, should you need them.