Waiting list fears prompt switch to private care
Monday 01st August 2022
Alex McNiven


Concerns about growing hospital waiting lists has led to a significant increase in private medical insurance policies issued.

With waiting lists for some treatments stretching into several months and years more and more people are looking into the affordability of private medical cover, either for individuals or for business employees.

Our Protection Insurance Manager, Alex McNiven has had added two people to his team to manage the growth in a range of personal protection policies, including private medical insurance.

Here’s Alex’s thoughts on it all: “Eight out of every ten people we speak to are worried about the increasing hospital waiting lists and the time it might take to be seen if they suddenly become ill.

“The NHS is having an incredibly tough time of it at the moment. That combined with the COVID pandemic has made people think much more about the sort of cover they want for themselves and for their families.

“But it is becoming a really important part of employee benefits packages now too. It is incredibly difficult to recruit and retain people at the moment. No longer is offering a few extra days of annual leave enough of an incentive to attract and retain the right people.

“People want to see a bit more from their employers, wider benefits, and private medical insurance is right up there as a key benefit that is attractive to employees and candidates.

“Business owners recognise now that they really need to look after their staff. They cannot afford to lose people to illness or injury for extended periods because they cannot be seen at their hospital.


“Employers want people back to work as soon as possible, and that usually means investing in their staff and their medical insurance.”

To speak to Alex himself, give him a call on 01425 486537 or visit our dedicated Protection page.