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There are times in all our lives when, above all else, we just want to know we’ll be properly taken care of. Private medical insurance is our way of helping that happen.

A-One Insurance has a range of policy options from basic personal insurance, to family plans, business cover, extensive staff plans and overseas protection as well. Our expert healthcare specialists play an active role in making sure you have the cover you need when you need it.

Knowing that your cover will take care of you and your family is perhaps the ultimate peace of mind. Our personal protection policies cover you for the cost of surgery, specialist medical consultations, accommodation and nursing in a hospital or medical facility of your choice.

Your health matters to you, but also to us. Our highly trained experts in the healthcare division are dedicated to finding the cover that best suits your needs.

We have a comprehensive range of healthcare insurance products that not only cover surgical and nursing expenses, but also the cost of consultations and accommodation.

The healthcare products are allied to industry-leading policies in life insurance, dental cover, cash plans, income and business protection, critical illness and redundancy cover that form the foundation of many clients’ insurance portfolios.

The healthcare experts at A-One Insurance specialise in designing cost effective private health schemes that provide your employees with immediate access to diagnosis and prompt medical treatment that supports them to get back to work as swiftly as possible.

In today’s highly competitive employment market, the more progressive you can be in constructing an attractive employee benefits package, the more able your business will be to attract and retain the best candidates.

The healthier your employees are the healthier your business will be so it pays to take care of their health as well as your own. In all likelihood your business relies on a core of key personnel, but what happens if a senior executive or a project manager, or someone in a specialist role becomes seriously ill, or worse?

Your business finances need to be covered in all eventualities. Whether you’re seeking precise limited protection, or full medical cover, our healthcare specialists can provide a policy that suits your needs and the demands of your business.