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In June 2016 A-One Insurance Group teamed up with IT Support Business (ITSB) to deliver the first complete, tailored solution to protect companies against cyber fraud.

Our solution was set up due to the ever increasing threat of Cyber Crime. With the high levels of cyber crime it is now vital that all businesses take the necessary steps to protect both their own and the sensitive data of their customers.

At A-One Insurance we feel that with our dedicated Insurance services across the south and with IT Support Business's work with over 100 SME’s to deal with cyber threats on a daily basis we can provide the best protection possible for our business clients and their customers.

Around 80% of breaches can be prevented by implementing simple cyber security measures into your business.

To control your security costs it’s vital you identify your risk level and the likely threats, allowing you to protect yourself, your business and your staff to the right level without overspending.

For more information on Cyber Protection please see our fully dedicated Cyber Protection website Click Here