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At A-One Insurance our Aviation Insurance Experts have over 30 years experience in the General Aviation Insurance Sector. Our dedicated Aviation Insurance team have a wealth of knowledge and are highly experienced in dealing with the unique and diverse risks and requirements of the General Aviation industry.

Our Aviation Insurance specialists use their knowledge and experience to offer a wide range of Aviation Insurance solutions. As one of the leading independent insurance brokers in the UK we have established close working relationships with the leading UK insurers. This allows us to offer a wide range of fully bespoke insurance schemes for private light aircraft, jets, helicopters and much more.

Our standard aviation insurance policies generally include cover for accidental loss and damage, third party cover in the event of a crash, as well as passenger and cargo liabilities.

Our Aviation Insurance team also provide a specialist service to, and have a great deal of experience in, providing bespoke insurance solutions to commercial aircraft owners, flying clubs, flying schools, airfields and a wide range of businesses associated with the aviation industry.

So whether you are a private light aircraft operator, commercial aircraft owner or helicopter operator we can provide you with the perfect Aviation Insurance cover to meet your requirements.

We provide a full range of Aviation Insurance Covers including:

  • Hull All Risks - The operator is protected against risk of physical loss or damage to their aircraft while on the ground and while it is in flight.

  • Aircraft Liability - Bodily injury or property damage which is caused by an occurrence and arises out of the operation or use of the operator's aircraft.

  • Hull War Risks - This affords cover against acts of war and malicious damage that are typically excluded in an ‘all risks’ programme.

  • Premises, Products and Hangar keepers’ Liability - This cover is designed for operations with responsibility for maintenance and storage of third party aircraft. This can include refuelling exposures if required..
  • Our Aviation Insurance Service has many benefits including advice from experienced Aviation Insurance Specialists, bespoke levels of cover and a fully dedicated in-house claims team to deal with any claim on your behalf.

    For more information about Aviation Insurance Solutions please call our team today on 0333 222 1030.