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At Fowler Penfold Insurance with over 20 years' experience in the Business Insurance Industry, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a highly personal, reliable and efficient service which is based around our customers needs and requirements.

As part of our service we carry out a full review of your insurance to ensure that we provide you with the perfect cover which is tailored around your business.

Why Review?

Before considering a review of your insurances, it’s worth clarifying what you are looking to achieve. Are you looking for a better price, a better service, a benchmark comparison with your existing arrangements or a combination of all three?

Our Review Process Will Include:

In line with our philosophy, a tri-partite approach will be taken ensuring that we, you and the insurers work together to ensure the best possible result and a mutually respectful future relationship is put in place to everyone’s benefit.

A get to know session - An informal meeting to understand each other, for us to find out about you, what you want and to let you know what we are about. If we are both happy to proceed and the chemistry is right then a strategy and timescale is agreed for the way forward.

Review meeting – we get together with the key people from your company to obtain all the necessary pre-requested information and have a look round your premises and any other key location(s).

Confirmation of strategy – we will confirm the agreed strategy, let you know the information we will need, clarify and reiterate your objectives for us to achieve from the exercise and supply you with our terms of business.

Letter of Authority – to be supplied by you to enable us to obtain qualified and quantified claims experience from existing and/or previous insurers.

An alternative to a Letter of Authority is a Letter of Appointment. If after our first couple of meetings you would like us to be your broker of choice, an appointment letter will transfer all of your insurances to us with immediate effect.

Risk presentation to market – based on the information obtained from and supplied by you we will provide a risk presentation to the agreed insurers to obtain best cover and terms available.

Results meeting – we will get together with you and talk through our report containing the responses from all of the insurers approached and the terms and premiums achieved. Any additional options or programme improvements will also be supplied along with our recommendations and proposition for our service offering and remuneration.

Appointment – once appointed as your insurance brokers of choice we will provide timely instruction to insurers with any changes agreed at our results meeting and supply all relevant documentation, whether temporary or permanent.

Service your requirements – we welcome you as a valued client of Fowler Penfold Insurance Brokers and will build a long term relationship with you, consistently delivering our agreed service standards.

Contact us for a no-obligation meeting on 0333 222 1030.