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Due to the extremely poor weather conditions our claims team are dealing with a lot of calls regarding escape of water claims as a result of the recent freezing weather conditions.

For more information about escape of water claims and some of the steps that you can take to protect your home and prevent these types of claims from happening in the future please see the escape of water claims guide below.

Click Here to download an Escape Of Water Claims Information and Prevention Advice Guide

If you have an escape of water claim please get in touch with our Claims Team as quickly as possible on 0333 222 1168.


Keeping your property warmer and at a constant temperature can help prevent the freezing if pipes and water leaks.


Ice can accumulate in winter months. By ensuring all pathways are clear of snow and ice with salt, this can help prevent injuries and possible liability claims again you.


In the event of snowfall, once it starts to thaw it will create extremely wet areas. Moving piles of snow away from the foundations of your building can help. Along with this, if you have large amounts of snow on the roof of your property, hiring a professional to remove this can also prevent damage to the building.


If you have followed the guidelines regarding guttering maintenance than you should not have a problem. However we still recommend checking they are clear ready for when the snow on your roof melts. The clear gutters will help in channelling the high amount of water away from your property.


As the days are shorter during winter months, try to ensure that your property is well lit when it comes to pathways and drives.

Should you need to claim, get in touch with our Claims Team as quickly as possible 0333 222 1168.